Gimkit Hacks: Auto Answer, Infinite Money (2023)

Gimkit is a web-based student-response tool that enables teachers to create and conduct quizzes and game shows in the classroom. It provides an interactive and engaging learning experience for students and has gained popularity as a worthy alternative to Kahoot! The tool works by allowing teachers to create or choose pre-made kits or question sets and students can answer in real-time using a unique game code.

In Gimkit, students earn virtual currency, known as money, for each correct answer, which can then be used to purchase upgrades and power-ups. The game mode and the virtual currency reward system are two of the unique features that set Gimkit apart from Kahoot!

However, it is important to note that the Gimkit hack mentioned in this article is only intended for educational purposes and should not be used for unethical purposes such as cheating in an actual classroom setting.

The hack involves utilizing an auto answer bot that was developed by a developer on Github who goes by the name “ecc521”. The bot functions by continuously answering questions automatically and using the earned virtual currency to purchase upgrades. This auto answer bot is only compatible with the Chrome browser on a desktop.

To use the hack, one must first visit the Github page where the scripts are available and copy them to the clipboard. Then, while participating in a Gimkit session, the user must press F12 or right-click to inspect the element. A new window will appear, and the user should click on the Console tab, paste the copied code into the provided box, and press Enter. The hack will be injected into the game after refreshing the page.

In conclusion, Gimkit offers a fun and interactive way for teachers to conduct quizzes and game shows in the classroom. While the auto answer bot mentioned in this article is intended for educational purposes only, it is important to always use educational tools ethically and responsibly.

People also ask

Gimkit is it open-source?

Additionally, we made this open source so that other people may use it to make their own games! The code is available here on GitHub. new backend, then.

How do I find a fake in Gimkit?

Impostors will never be found on The Clear List, under any circumstances. Someone is a fake if you conduct a public investigation on them and receive an All Clear notice, but they don’t appear on The Clear List. Keep in mind that if crewmates can’t vote all impostors out before the game concludes, they lose.

Does Gimkit offer donations?

Gimkit is a fun way for pupils to review their vocabulary. Students don’t receive points for each answer; instead, they receive money. The leaderboard displays both the total amount of money raised by the class and the amount that each individual student earned.

How can I acquire Gimkit Pro for nothing?

Gimkit accounts are they free? Yes! Your Gimkit account can be created and used without cost. Gimkit Pro is offered as a 14-day free trial when an educator account is setup.

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