How to Earn Infinite XP in Gimkit – 3 Different ways

Gimkit is a popular educational game that rewards players with XP (experience points) for correctly answering questions and completing missions. The more XP a player has, the higher their level in the game. In this article, we will outline three different ways to earn infinite XP in Gimkit.

Play Regularly and Consistently

The most straightforward way to earn XP in Gimkit is to play the game regularly and consistently. The more you play, the more questions you answer correctly, and the more XP you will earn. Make sure to play the game on a regular basis and participate in as many matches as you can.

Create and Share Custom Kits

Gimkit allows players to create their own custom kits, which are collections of questions on a specific topic. You can create custom kits on any topic you want and share them with others. When other players use your custom kit, you will earn XP. To create a custom kit, click on the “Create a Kit” button in the Gimkit game.

Participate in Tournaments

Gimkit offers a tournament feature, where players can compete against each other for XP. To participate in a tournament, simply join one that is currently running. You will earn XP for each match you play in the tournament, and the winner of the tournament will earn even more XP. To join a tournament, click on the “Tournaments” button in the Gimkit game.

In conclusion, earning infinite XP in Gimkit is possible with the right strategy. By playing the game regularly, creating and sharing custom kits, and participating in tournaments, you can increase your XP and level up in the game. So start earning XP today and become a Gimkit champion!

People also ask

In Gimkit, how can you obtain GimBucks?

You must earn XP by playing 2D Gimkit games if you want to earn GimBucks. Gain 1,000 XP each week to level up 15 times. Gaining levels awards you with 100 GimBucks. GimBucks can be used to buy stuff from our Item Shop.

What Gimkit 2D game modes are there?

Assignment modes in 2D

There are presently two game modes available for assignments: Fishtopia and Cash Tycoon, a 2D rendition of Gimkit Classic.

Why can’t I level up in Gimkit?

Only 2D game modes, including those used with assignments and future modes, can provide XP. There is no XP system in non-2D modes.

How does Gimkit’s hidden mode work?

Secret Mode

hidden! The leaderboard’s student names are initially completely obscured. Everyone is motivated because they don’t know their ranking, which is a great motivator!

How can you overcome the lava in Gimkit?

Stay above the lava for as long as you can is the mode’s straightforward goal. Lava will start to rise as soon as the game starts. It begins out slowly but gradually picks up speed.

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